remiPsor – Природное средство от псориаза.
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remiPsor – is a natural medicine, containing only natural components. In 2006 it was awarded quality certificate in Germany. Fresh plant saps making up its composition and, obtained using unique technology (patent for invention №2246935), enabled clearing up psoriasis to many of those who over decades hadn’t any hope to be healed and unsuccessfully tried various medicines.

 Phytosalbe remiPsor doesn’t contain any hormones. This medicine has been successfully tested in many dermal clinics and prophylactic centers. Among its advantages are high degree of effectiveness and virtually no side effects – it is reliable and safe medicine allowing to achieve remission to many patients for longer than one and a half years.

 Phytosalbe remiPsor, an easy-to-use medicine, has been on the market for more than 10 years now. Founders of phytosalbe remiPsor M. Deev & S. Schmidt were awarded with an Hippocrates order for achievements in the development of national medicine.