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FUNCTIONALITY OF remiPsor: FUNCTIONALITY OF remiPsor: When applied to the affected skin areas remiPsor not only goes through the surface layers (1) into the deeper ones (2,3,4), but also builds a protective layer. Constantly sustained depot of remiPsor in corneal and acanthaceous skin layers(3) provides the continuity of metabolic process, for this reason the remiPsor should be left on the skin for no less than three days, while the break should not exceed more than one day. Excretory products built while cream effecting as well as the rest of unabsorbed medicine are completely removed out with urine and through perspiratory gland and sebaceous gland (5).

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CLASSIC and COMFORT OINMENTS: Both versions, CLASSIC and COMFORT, have the same plant extracts and fat components. They only differ in color and flavor. The remiPsor COMFORT is light brown colour, and remiPsor CLASSIC is deep brown and has a slight odour, which disappears after a short time of using. Both versions are the main products and could be used on all parts of the body including the head. From long experience, the COMFORT version has become popular because of its convenience, especially for problems on the surface of the head, face, hands, and for daytime use. In order to achieve best results, having an average area of lesions usually two or even more tubes of ointment are needed. Since every organism is different, it is advisable to start with both versions, using CLASSIC and COMFORT to different affected areas of the body. Thus it is easier to determine with which kind of ointment you could reach better effect. Further, some clients use only the CLASSIC version and others the COMFORT version. Most use both types, either at different parts of the body, or during the day – COMFORT and at night – CLASSIC.

remiPsor INTENSIVE: The composition of this phytooinment is similar to that of CLASSIC / COMFORT, but the concentrations of a number of the most important phytocomponents entering into its composition are 1,5 – 2 times higher than in remiPsor CLASSIC, The application of remiPsor INTENSIVE is reasonable in the final phase of treatment of chronic psoriasis in that case, if you have noticed that your skin cleansing occurs very slowly while applying CLASSIC / COMFORT. Increase of specific portion of active phyto components helps to move from the dead point. In any case you should change to the remiPsor INTENSIVE only at that stage, if the application of the CLASSIC / COMFORT is not effective any more. We just want to remind you that it occurs only in 20 percent of cases and usually when re-using the phytooinment. Not until then should you resort to application of remiPsor INTENSIVE

INGREDIENTS: Methylpropanediol, Paraffinum Liquidum, Lanolin, Betula alba, Calendula officinalis, Chelidonium majus, Bidenus tripatrita, Gnaphalium uliginosum, Cera Alba, Linum Usitatissimum, Camphor.
APPLICATION: Apply toproblemareas on washedskin1-2 timesdaily untilcomplete resorption. For external use only. Do not bring in the eye. After the application close the tube.
STORAGE: from 0C ° C to +20 ° C ° to max +30 permitted.
ENDURANCE: 4 years from the year of production (see the print on the tube).
PRODUCTION: Phytolabor “Deev & Schmidt”.
Патент: на изобретение: 2246935. GOST Р 52343-2005.
PATENT remiPsor®: Patentamt München.
CERTIFICATE 2006 -2012: Argos Control Warenprüfung GmbH 0463/2011/AN 001, Berlin.
CERTIFICATE 2014: UB-Forschungslaboratorium GmbH, Germany.
CAPACITY: 130ml.


Patient born in 1974th
Psoriasis since 1979.
Daily topical application remiPsor
Steadfast remission for 30 months*
*(may vary individually)